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Hyperion Design and development Ltd. Is one of the leading real estate Companies in Bangladesh Specializing in superior quality residential building in the prime location of Dhaka city. Hyperion is also an active member of Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB).

Hyperion Design and Development Ltd (HDDL) has become a trusted name in the real estate sector in Bangladesh. During last 13 years, the company has won the confidence and goodwill of its clients. Within a short span of time, Hyperion has grown into renowned and dependable organization.

Hyperion started its journey in 2000 to make quality and excellence in the apartment sector. During this period it has completed One Hundred and two (102) apartment building and already handed over to its clients. Hyperion has Twenty One (21) apartment building projects at hand in the most prestigious area of the city.

Our products itself speaks for the superior quality of our standards. For this reason , HDDL Uses the highest quality and building materials and finishing products to ensure durability And customer satisfaction. Hyperion has been in the prime, attractive location of Bashundhara R/A, DOHS, Mohammadpur and Mirpur, the emphassis being on sound construction and aesthetic Design.

HDDL commited to ensure quality in each project and for that purpose, the management gives Attention in every aspects of a projects. So, Hyperion has developed in house design team for Architectural, structural, plumbing and electrical design. Hyperion has thirty engineers in construction and development team in additional to its quality control, monitoring &Construction management personal.

One of the strongest point of Hyperion is its efficient Customer Service Department. This Department gives personal attention to each client and is known for the prompt, effective Action. A warm, friendly atmosphere is created for the client who can make purchase Decision at his/ her pace without feeling pressurized.

Hyperion always strives to improve its performance and services with commitment to complete The projects within a faster time period for which it has already a significant identity to its Customers.

Hyperion believes in people. It believes that there is something more than a business transaction which, obviously, depends in building an un-ending relationship with its customers. Hyperion Spells warmth, comfort, loyalty,, trust, planning and professional ethos. Hyperion Believes – its honorable customers are its spokesmen.